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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Year, New Projects

Wow! So much has happened and been accomplished in a mere month. I have a new project in the works - a public art project which is a bit odd because I am not a public artist. It's receiving a positive reaction from folks as far as Northern California. I am both shocked an elated about this but I'll give details as it progresses. I have been painting like crazy because I realized that last year was spent on the crafty side of things and this year I want to do more painting and mixed media pieces. Anyway, here's one of many pencil sketches (on a cereal box) that I did at the family's house while on my long, enjoyable holiday with them. Okay... I'm really obsessed with cereal boxes lately... and the bunny you see below...what can I say?

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Muse

I guess it's safe to say at this point, that Bucky Bunny Boy is indeed my muse. I've never had a muse and when I think of this word, I usually think of a living human being - that is female - not an illustrated bunny that belongs in a book or cartoon. Anyway, he has become my muse since, I believe, July and as you can see from these handmade business cards I've made from cereal boxes, he isn't going anywhere any time soon. I have bigger plans for ol' Bucky. Oh, and yes, I am extremely intrigued these days with repurposing cereal [and other foodstuff] boxes into whatever my mind can conjure up. Happy Friday. ;)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sweet Baby Loves His Plush Doll

How cute is this photo of a two year old clutching the monster doll he received for Christmas? So, sooooo cute. I named the doll Rok when I made him but sweet, baby Logan renamed it Josh, which I found so much more adorable. His mother was so grateful for this doll because it turns out that little Logan has been waking up every night like clockwork, jumping into his mom's bed but since he got "Josh", he's been sleeping all night like a charm. So glad my doll could make him feel better and thanks to Logan's father who emailed me this photo. It made me feel so good to know my work could have such an impact. :)

"Josh" before he got adopted by his best bud.