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Friday, February 22, 2008

All About Troy, New York - Part II

Ok...The beautiful colors and that incredible window to the right. Must I say more?

Once again, the colors.

This one totally reminds me of my days in France...love it!

In the previous post, I mentioned how taken I was with the architecture in Troy and here are some photos I took of these yummy buildings. Oh, and I must give a shout out to the awesome folks at one very good Mexican restaurant located at 465 Madison Avenue in Albany called "El Loco Mexican Cafe". I was sooooooo ecstatic with my delicious meal. Then, I turned around and saw all the accolades they've received for their food. In a conversation I had with my friendly waitress (did I mention that people in this area are super friendly?), I was told they'd been there since the 80's! The 80's people! I guess that alone says how good the food is. By the way, it's 7pm and it has been snowing all day in my part of Massachusetts. Incredible... and beautiful!

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