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Friday, July 6, 2007

Welcome to Carneyville

The story on the Carneys is this: I'm a big recycler ... love turning things that don't work anymore into things that do work. That's where the name came from - the fact that they were reincarnations of fabrics that were once something else. They were not inspired by circus or carnival folks... although some of them do look like circus freaks. There are currently 6 Carneys in the series and all are one of a kind made freehand, not from patterns. The two shown here are Gumbo on the left and Gingko on the right. You may recognize these two from the sketches below - Gumbo sketch posted 6/11 and Gingko sketch posted on 6/23. Enjoy!


marisa said...

i love them! so friggin awesome :) maybe one can make an appearance at d.i.t.u.

Andrea said...

These are so cool! I LOVE kooky, and these are so very(kooky).