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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Carneys Are Headin' Over To Etsy

Celestia : Magda
Myrtle : Gingko
The Carneys are leaving Carneyville for Etsy. Well...some of them are heading over to etsy. I can't let all of my babies go. For those of you who don't know the Carney story, they are my latest series of plush dolls who include Myrtle, Valentino, Gingko, Gumbo, Magda, Doodlebug and Celestia. The Carney name derives from the fact that they were reincarnated them from gently used fabrics like corduroys, t-shirts, skirts, etc. I love recycling and thinking of new ways to turn one thing into another thing. Here are 4 of them. I think Myrtle will stay with moi. I love her. She's an odd looking girl but that's what I love about her. Also, she was my first Carney and, thus, has my heart. Enjoy!

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