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Friday, September 21, 2007

Ugly, Yummy Polyester

look at that tan + white pattern...love it!
also lovin' the cute pink + white floral pattern
Woke up Sunday morning (yes, this post is tardy due to photo upload issues) with one thought pounding at my head ... Polyester! Had to run out to see the "fabric lady" at my local flea market and her stock did not disappoint. Found some things on top but then starting digging through bolt after bolt and found gold. Just what I was looking for, Poly and her sister Ester. I was craving some really ugly polyester. You know ... the kind of polyester you see in the photos of your grampy in his favorite ugly poly pants from way back when. I love that ugly, ugly polyester. To me, it's delicious. I didn't find the ugly stuff but was still happy with my discoveries. Can't wait to dig in. I'm having visions of dolls, christmas stockings, hats, mittens and maybe some bags. Yummy!

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