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Friday, March 30, 2007

Request For More

In my last post, I mentioned that Payaso was from a series. Someone requested to see more from this particular series, so here are three more. From left to right they are Nzinga, Erdelobos, which is an abbreviation of his real name - El Rey De Los Bandidos (King of the Bandits) and Indeeoh.

The abbreviated story of these dolls is that they are from a series called The ProodinThorpes. Now, the ProodinThorpes are a bunch of wealthy sisters (I have like 3 of them made but I'm thinking that there are about 12-16 of them) who live in a huge, old, glorious victorian home that, like the sisters, harbors many secrets and undiscovered treasures. These sisters not only inherited large sums of money between them, they also [unexpectedly] inherited a niece named Trixie and her dog, Maila. The other cast of characters from and/or attached to this illustrious family include Millicent (the matriarch of the family), Babette (the baby sister who is an artist), Farley a neighborhood kid who taunts Trixie - or should I say attempts to taunt Trixie but he will soon find out that this little girl harbors secrets of her own. Farley has a brother and sister who aren't made yet but believe me, they are also bad - big, bad, bullies. All of the abstract plushies like those in this post and Payaso, represent artwork of the character Babette who, as I mentioned, is an artist. Those four are supposed to be her sculptures. Another of her sculptures, which is not shown here, is called King Flooba Ha Ha. Between you and me, I think his name is so cool.

By the way, if you're wondering why these dolls have such an in-depth profile, it's because when they were in the sketching phase, I felt as though they were characters from a children's book so it seemed natural to create bios for each. Enjoy.

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