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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Other Stuff

-Recycled Jean, Messenger Bags Embellished w/Hand Drawn
"Patches" -Black Pillows w/Off-White Hand Drawn Designs
I'm on my way out the door to go hunting - no, not little fawn or deer but furniture and other goods. Where I live, people get rid of stuff by leaving it out in front of their property for others to gather up for their own pleasure. After I moved here almost three years ago, I noticed this phenomenon of people scooping up other folks' discards and soon found myself doing the same thing. At first, it was just with one friend of mine and I must say that I was uncomfortable worrying about what people driving by thought of me picking up what many regarded as trash. That lasted about a minute when I realized, why should I start caring now about what others thought of me, especially strangers and especially since other strangers were by my side scrounging for stuff also. So I tossed all my lovely acquisitions into the truck and sped along my merry way to the next hunting ground.

When friends came for a visit they'd ask where I bought this and where I bought that. I'd explained that I didn't buy anything but instead received this and that for free. Now, a group of girls truck along the roads to go what I call "hunting". It's a great time hanging out with people you love and scooping up free stuff that is oftentimes sooooooo valuable. And I'm not talking monetarily, I mean something that has value to you for whatever reasons - because it reminds you of something your grandmother had when you were little or because it's vintage and you love vintage stuff. That's the kind of value I'm talking about. Some of my finds include an old, perfect wood stove, an absolutely, wickedly fabulous, sofa from the 60's. (I only know this because an upholsterer friend told me it was from the 60's and it was fabulous - as if I didn't already know the latter), a beautiful mid-century bureau, and more. I will get around to sharing some of these finds in the near future.

Ok. I went off on a tangent there but what I really meant to do was to show that dolls aren't the only things I make. So here is some other stuff. Have a nice weekend. I'm off.

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