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Friday, August 24, 2007


I am now on Flickr! Yay! The old school girl who knows nothing about technology is finding her way around the computer folks. Websites, blogs and now flickr...wow! I finally got around to creating a flickr account yesterday and I received a lovely compliment from Carambatack (aka Annette Mangseth) who likes my tags. This, too, is exciting because this woman makes the most fabulous, out of this world tags. They are just beautiful! Check them out at flickr under the name Carambatack. Wish I could show them to you but I'm not quite there yet...don't know how to upload photos from other places. Here are a few more of my handmade tags. Actually, this batch isn't quite done and I think some will be made into business cards. Happy Friday folks!

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Dee Light said...

Love those tags!!! Isn't flicker fun!!! Lots of Eye Candy!!!