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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Personal Pillows

Every now and again, I get around to making something for myself. The thing with me though, is I am easily bored with seeing the same contents in my home. But today, I'm liking and having big plans for these pillows.
Next week or next month...who knows? Some very thrilled and appreciative friends will be happy to inherit them. :)
The pillow on top was made out of new and recycled fabric scraps of different lengths and widths that I sewed into an appliqued, patch-work square. The yellow pillow is a cotton, mod fabric that I've loved and had so long. They were scrappy pieces of all shapes that I knew I'd use one day. The backside of both pillows are from a recycled sheet purchased from a thrift store. The green pillow is from new fabric I recently scored from a flea market that I now regularly frequent.

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