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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Recycled Handmade Tags

I have a new line of products (pillows, coasters, aprons, potholders and sachets) coming out next month and I've been sweating about tags and labels the past couple of weeks. Being a painter and not a graphic designer, I don't know much about the various programs available to make whatever and I don't really want to order labels and tags. Since I'd prefer to keep with the handmade feel of things through and through, I realized I may as well do what I am familiar with - make them myself. Here is the result. Enjoy!
I combined my two favorite elements with these product tags - the handmade element and recycling. I utilized things like brown paper bags, cereal boxes and saltine cracker boxes.


Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

Hi Tracy! I love these!!! You have a wonderful style :)

polyester junction said...

Thanks so much! Very glad you like them.