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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Fashionistas

Let's make a u-turn back to the dolls. I guess it's quite clear by now that though I am a maker of many things, I do so enjoy making a plush doll. It's such a rush to see something go from being just a sketch (this is my process, anyway) to becoming something tangible with the right color combinations of fabric and ultimately a personality all its own. I love that and I love how these girls look.

Christiane is fierce in her pink and brown shin length dress with baubles hanging off the bottom that skim her ankles. And let us not overlook her hot, high heeled, Mary Janes. Mina is clad in a red-orange dress accented with chocolate brown, swirly designs set off by her kick butt combat boots. The baby of the group is little Francoise who sports a green checkered skirt, white blouse with brown dots and her sweet, blue, Mary Jane flats. Marie-France, cousin to the other girls (did I mention that the other three are sisters?) enjoys a mod look in a yellow dress with brown and cream circles, flared sleeves and high heeled, pointed toed boots with swirly accents on the ends. These dolls are hand drawn, hand inked and made with a lot of love. Have a great day!

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