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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Crochet Obsession

I am so absorbed with the potholders I spoke of a couple of days ago. If I'm being honest, I think I'm a bit obsessed and in love. One of the many thoughts I had while making them is that I wish I had an employer who would allow me to sit in any old corner of any old room and just make stuff all day long and trot on over to his/her office on Fridays and pick up my check. Oh, how lovely that would be... if only...

Anyway, back to reality and the potholders. Ok...the thing is this. Crocheting is one of those crafty activities that sucks you in - completely. I mean you don't want to eat or shower or even get up from the chair. It's like you go into a realm where the only known things that exist for sure are you and crochet and you can't imagine anything other than doing the next stitch and the next until you have finished the project. I haven't crocheted in years and I tried to read the instructions from the book but then I got so anxious to start, that I threw the book aside, decided to read it another time when I wanted to do something more complicated and jumped in armed with the memory of the stitches my mother taught me when I was like 11 years old. I figured I could remember those stitches to, at the very least, complete a square. Much to my surprise, I did remember. Quite frankly, I think it was the obsession to see the result that forced me to remember something from so long ago, or perhaps crochet is like riding a bicycle. In any case, I've completed six so far but now the other fun part begins - to embellish them with something. I'll be sharing soon.

In the meantime, it just occurred to me that my blog title/description reads "a landscape of handmade goods and art" and that I have shown many goods but no art, so whilst I continue to maniacally make potholders, as well as about nine paintings, 2 baby quilts and 1 adult quilt, please enjoy some paintings. The left is acrylic on wood titled DoggyStyle and the right acrylic on canvas painting is called Delirious which is about how I'm feeling right now with all the projects I'm working on. Oh...who am I kidding?...I love it! Love! Love! Enjoy the day.

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