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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thanks Schmancy!

I just went over to visit a couple of plush blogs before signing off tonight - or I should say this morning, as I just glanced over at the clock which read 1:36 am - and I saw my name on the links list at the Schmancy blog (www.plushyou.blogspot.com). I wasn't looking for my name, so it took me by surprise when I saw it. I know it's just the links listing but, still, can I just say how exciting it is to see your name on someone else's blog?! Especially for the first time. Ah... there is no feeling like your first time... THANKS KRISTEN!

Here are a couple of more plush for your perusal. The wide-eyed girl on the left is Trixie and her dog Maila. You can find more info on these two in my March 30th posting. Nighty night.

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Abby said...

They're adorable!!!

Welcome to the blog world - hope you like it here as much as I do!


Abby (http://theknitlette.typepad.com/white_paint_and_ribbons/